Changing our mindset changes our practice 


the Mission

It is vital to equip clinicians to perform their work with renewed hope, vision, and purpose.  We have to 'start with the why' as Simon Sinek states.  Why we do this work will guide how we do this work.  Providing healthcare is demanding physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Clinicians need support and training to care for themselves first so they can care for others. Through discussions with mentoring groups with proven leaders in local hospitals we support clinicians through challenges clinically, emotionally, and spiritually. Important discussion topics include burnout, conflict resolution, and remembering your vision.


I am a nurse practitioner.  I have been in emergency medicine, first as a nurse, and then a NP, for sixteen years.  I love the medicine, I love the challenge, I love the crazy! I have been through the cycle of naive idealism, frustrated cynicism, and now, hopefully, balance and insight. I came to a place of profound burnout.  My view of society and healthcare became negative and dark. I started a journey to regain purpose.  I realized that what we do in healthcare is actually ministry.  Customer service leaves us cold and empty and puts barriers between us and patients that aren't healthy.  We need a model to change the way we do healthcare.

Be the change you want to see in the world
— Mahatma Ghandi

topics for discussion

  • Remember Your Vision - Remember why you do this job. What is your passion?
  • Burnout - the clinician's occupational hazard.  What does it look like and how to we avoid it?
  • Conflict resolution - Our coworkers can be our greatest ally or our biggest problem. How do we find common goal and manage conflict well.
  • Medicine as Ministry - We need to move away from a customer service model of healthcare.  We are called to help a person be well mentally, physically, and spiritually.  The customer isn't always right and we need language that causes us to be compassionate truth tellers.
  • Policy Governance - Hospitals need to give autonomy and accountability in equal parts to allow clinicians freedom to do their best work.