Important Discussion Topics


Clinicians are smart, talented people who had lots of career options available to them.  Why did you choose to work a job that requires long shifts, night shifts, patients screaming at you, and people dying? You chose this job for a good reason.  What is it? Take a minute to remember why you chose this work in the first place.


Once you remember why you chose this work, let's think about what happened to that vision? Why are you short angry, tired, depressed, not sleeping well, drinking too much? Does work interfere with friends and family? How do you handle medical errors?

Burnout is a major problem for healthcare clinicians. Signs of burnout include dissatisfaction with work, depersonalization of patients. Physical symptoms include sleeplessness, headaches, anxiety.

What can you do? Recognize the signs.  Put your oxygen mask on first! Take care of yourself. Reflect on why you do this job. Eat well, sleep well, do something that makes you happy! Simple but oh, so difficult.


conflict resolution

Working in healthcare is hard enough. How do you handle conflict with staff, patients, administrators? How about conflict at home with your spouse, children, and friends?

Identify your primary response to stress.  Is it fight or flight?

Learn to re-engage the parts of your brain used for higher functioning so you can think through the problem logically and not respond out of anger or fear.

Identify the common goal for you and the other party. What are you working towards? Find language to work together on a common problem.


medicine as ministry

The customer service model starts to break down.  This is not an average business. In our environment, especially, the customer doesn’t fulfill their end of the bargain.  So, somehow, we think we don’t have to hold up our end.  We tend to become resentful, bitter, and angry with people when they show up dirty and poor and broken.  

Why?  They’re not customers.  They’re human beings in need.  And I think we all know that we wanted to do more in life than provide good customer service.  We wanted to take care of people.  We wanted to heal the sick, care for the poor, show kindness to the dying.  We want to minister to them.