develop mentoring groups

Utilize natural leaders within natural group meetings.  Train and educate team leads, department directors, managers, and mature, experienced clinicians.  Simply place people in their group.  These groups can be used to discuss challenges in healthcare like burnout, conflict, medical errors, and life stress.  These are organic relationships that already exist.  Use the experience within your hospital system for the benefit of everyone in the system.

HOSPITALS EXIST FOR STAFF first, then patients

The primary role of the hospital is to create an environment that is a healthy environment for clinicians.  This is a titanic shift in how we think about healthcare systems.  By putting staff first, they can in turn put patients first.  The goal is to care for patients BY developing excellent CLINICIANS - supporting them physically, emotionally, spiritually, and clinically. The outcome is excellent PATIENT care - measured in a manner consistent with the mission, not customer satisfaction.


Require excellent outcomes AND give groups enough freedom and resources to control the day to day decisions impacting their job.  High expectations and a high degree of autonomy.  Set the budget, set the expectations and then give the clinicians, physicians, and managers freedom to accomplish these goals in their own.  One size does not fit all.